San Leandro Honda

1302 Marina Blvd
Directions Bay Area Oakland Alameda Hayward
San Leandro, CA 94577

  • Honda Car Sales: (510) 347-5100
  • Honda Service: (510) 347-5100
  • Honda Parts: (510) 347-5100

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HUGE Used Car Sale in Hayward Ca

Contact us today 510-347-5100 San Leandro Honda is having a HUGE used car sale right now in Hayward Ca.  Over 100 vehicles all marked down below market prices. If you live in the Hayward Ca area do not settle for the small pot lots or your local dealers who could careless about you.  Check out the #1 used car dealer in Hayward Ca and see why people looking for used cars for sale in Hayward…
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The Best Honda Dealership Dealer Dealers in Hayward Ca

Are you looking for the Honda dealer in Hayward Ca?  San Leandro Honda is the answer.  Recently residents living in Hayward Ca have found that San Leandro Honda is only 5 minutes away and has much better customer service than their local Honda dealer.
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