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Cracked Windshield! Oh no! Get it fixed ASAP!

I bet you didn't know that in some states driving with a cracked windshield is actually illegal and will result in a ticket, and we all know that tickets are not cheap. Along with it being illegal, it is unsafe depending on where the crack is in the windshield.

Picture this scenario, you are driving down the expressway and you are stuck behind a rock truck (ugh) and rocks start flying out and one is large enough to put a chip in your windshield, eventually that chip will probably turn into a crack. So what do you do?

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Two Types of Oil

Changing your cars oil is a must. Knowing the brand and type to use, as well as who to trust, is also essential. Knowing which type is which, and which type does what, is no less important either. Your car's engine life depends upon it. So choose wisely from the two main types of engine oil offered; synthetic oil and conventional oil. To do so is to love your car and to keep your car running efficiently.

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