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Seasonal car maintenance is significant as it increases the car's trade-in value, mileage and cuts repair costs. Preventive preservation enables you to stay safe during the harsh weather conditions.

Whether it is hot or cold your vehicle will need service and it is important to know the different types of maintenance needs that are required for each season.

Hot weather

  • Maintain the air conditioning and cooling systems which are prone to failure due to overheating.
  • Replace the engine valves. Dusty conditions may trigger engine drivability problems.
  • Windshield repair. Dirty windshields are very hazardous as they cause eye fatigue which can cause an accident.
  • Check the brakes and ensure they are correctly working.

For the colder months we also check everything that was previously listed with the addition of defroster and heater check to keep you warm. We also check cold-starting electrical load will increase which makes it an excellent decision to maintain the battery and proper maintenance of the lights, exhaust system, and tires.

Give our service center a call to set up your next service appointment to make sure your car, truck or SUV is ready for winter.

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