With the price of gasoline where it is, it always helps to find ways of using less. Using less gasoline also helps the environment by pumping less smoke into the air. One of the simplest ways to do so is to check your tires every so often, as the condition of your tires affects your fuel efficiency.

A tire that is running low on air either due to slow leaks or generally low pressure is actually one of the major issues of fuel inefficiency, as are tires that are losing their tread. In both cases the tires are not able to get as good a grip on the road as it should, meaning that extra fuel is spent in trying to overcome that problem. Proper tires ensure that the car uses the fuel that it should use, saving you money for what amounts to just a little maintenance.

We are more than willing to look at your tires and make suggestions for tires that may suit your needs even better and help you save a little money and the environment in the long term.
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