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The battery is responsible for the initial charge to the electrical system that starts the engine of your vehicle. Once it’s running, the alternator takes over maintaining the proper electrical current through the car’s system. It receives its power through a belt from the engine.

The alternator is a maintenance-free part that has a long life. It can last for eight years or more. When it does begin to go, your system should alert you through warning lights on the instrument panel. There are a few warning signs that will alert you that something’s amiss, if you don’t see a warning light. One of them is that the lights are dimmer than normal. You may also notice that the gauges have stopped working. Additionally, the belt might begin to shriek as it rotates.

It may be time you have your vehicle serviced if you’ve noticed alternator failure signs. Feel free to stop in to San Leandro Honda in San Leandro, CA. Our knowledgeable technicians are here to answer your questions.

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