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Testing your car battery now will ensure you don't wind up with a dead battery on the side of the road needing a jump from another driver.
  1. Before testing the batter, be sure to wear safety glasses and work gloves.
  2. The car engine must be off when working around the battery.
  3. Take the red cable from the voltmeter, place it on the positive terminal on your car's battery.
  4. Place the black voltmeter cable to the negative battery terminal.
  5. Turn on the voltmeter and observe the reading.
Any reading above 12.4+ is an indication the car battery is still holding a charge. If the voltmeter shows a reading of 12.2+ or less, the battery is failing and you may wind up stuck without the power to start the car at any time.

Bring your vehicle to San Leandro Honda so we have the chance to thoroughly check the charging system for any issues.




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