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Many car owners dislike the unsightly manufacturer badges that mark their vehicles. The good news is that you don't have to live with these forever. Badges are pretty easy to remove if you follow the right steps.

Adhesive badges are the easiest to remove. You can find out if your vehicle has an adhesive badge by inspecting it or searching online. If this is the case, you can use some household items for the removal process. Hot water or glue softeners can be poured around the edges of the badge to seep into the backing. Once the badge becomes loose, you can remove it with a plastic wedge. Remember to use the wedge softly to avoid scratching the paint.

There is one more step after the badge is removed. You'll need to clean and wax the underlying area to match it to the remainder of the vehicle. You can also buff the surface with a microfiber cloth.

If debadging seems too complicated, get the help of San Leandro Honda. A service professional can help you with any of your customization needs.



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