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If you have ever had the misfortune of driving into the sun when it first comes up in the morning or as it sets in the evening, you know the hazards of a glaring windshield. The sun in your face is not only uncomfortable, but it also poses a driving hazard. However, there are a few tips you might try to reduce the problem.

The easiest way to protect your eyes involves investing in a good pair of polarizing sunglasses. The lenses are created in such a way as to protect against UV and UB rays in addition to reducing glare. Keep the windshield clean and free of streaks inside and out. Get any chips, cracks or other imperfections repaired. Otherwise, they refract the sun.

Pull the visor down or at the right angle in order to help deflect the light and glare. If you are in the market for a newer vehicle, drive down to San Leandro Honda and see our vehicle selection.



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