The Honda Civic is one of San Leandro's favorite compact sedans. Recently, this car was redesigned. The new Honda Civic has a more assertive, athletic profile. The long wheelbase and angular body telegraph its strength and power to any observer. The wide stance of the Civic shows that it's ready to take on any terrain. The Civic's body comes by its curves honestly. It's been designed to help maximize fuel efficiency.

The head and tail lamps of the new Civic use LED technology. The headlights turn on and off automatically, as needed. The C-shaped taillights are highly visible and make a big impression on other drivers. There are seven standard colors to choose from when it comes to picking a Honda Civic sedan. The available Sport trim includes features like fog lights, a center exhaust outlet and 18-inch alloy wheels. Accessories like noise-reducing door and moonroof visors are also available.


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