A car's battery represents the brilliance of automotive engineering. That said, the natural world, the weather, can bring havoc. Extreme temperatures have a brutal effect on car batteries. In cold weather, capacity can drop by 20%. In frigid weather, capacity may go down by 50%. Drawing from a weak battery could kill it. Now you know why batteries die in the winter. Or, you know one reason.

Knowing the condition of your battery before the harsh weather arrives could help. Get the battery checked out during mild weather. Don't get caught off-guard when the weather gets extreme.

"Extreme" doesn't only refer to cold weather. Both hot weather and heat-related overcharging can ruin a battery. Don't think your battery is safe in the summer. Hot weather can be troubling in San Leandro.

It is no trouble to set up an appointment with our service department. The team at San Leandro Honda can assist any month of the year.


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