Honda Care - Backed By the Strength and Stability of American Honda

You may qualify for a Honda Care Service Contract! The only factory backed service contract available!

If your Honda has less than 36,000 miles and is less than 36 months old you can protect your investment with Honda Care; the only Honda service contract backed by the strength and stability of American Honda.

This plan offers you exclusionary coverage for your vehicle and travel protection. When you have a Honda Care, you're never traveling alone. No matter what comes your way, know that Honda Care will be there for you. We think you'll agree that a Honda Care is the smart option. Should the need arise, we'll be there to help you on your way without the need to dig into your pocket to pay for unexpected expenses. With a Honda Care, you just "Sign & Drive".


Maintain your Honda in accordance with its recommended maintenance schedule and your Honda Care service contract can do the rest, covering potentially expensive repairs for virtually every component on your vehicle, even items like the timing belt, water pump and constant-velocity joints. What exactly is covered?
Additional benefits?


All repairs will be made by factory-trained Honda technicians at authorized Honda dealerships using only Genuine Honda or American Honda authorized parts. If no Honda dealership is available within towing distance, repairs will be made at a Honda Care-authorized service center.

Honda Care can help simplify your life by removing the concerns of certain costly automotive repair for your Honda vehicle. Unlike many extended service contracts, Honda's exclusive factory-backed protection package is transferable and ideal for those who want an extra measure of security for their automotive investment. So relax and enjoy your ride, because you can rely on Honda Care.

Safeguard yourself from certain potentially expensive repair bills for up to 120,000 miles, with low or no deductible coverage plus vehicle and travel protection. American Honda Motor Co. Inc. makes available service contracts for new Honda automobiles.

We have a service contract that's right for you. Check out the Honda Care programs. If you would like a printable Honda Care brochure, click here. If you have more questions, check out our FAQs or send us your questions Contact Us.